Keith Jellum        

The Collaborative Process          


         The path of my work follows two separate but connected areas: one area is where I am only following my own muse and creating work that is personal; some of this work is shown in the other sculptures section of this site.   The other path, weathervanes, is commissioned work wherein the client has a specific location, usually architectural, and wants something to put on it. 

        Some of the wind-activated sculptures shown in this site grew out of that desire.  The collaboration part is an outgrowth of the dialogue between myself and the client.  I listen to the ideas and desires of the client, look at pictures of the architecture and/or location (sent by the client), and, taking into consideration an appropriate scale and all the rest of the input from the client, I sketch out some ideas.  At this point I send back some sketches and drawings and the dialogue proceeds from there.  I charge a fee for the design and give an estimate of the total cost for building and installing the work.  Some of the preliminary work for mounting the piece can be done by a local contractor with specific directions and supply of mounting materials by myself.

        The final result is a cross-pollination between the client’s input and desires and my own style.  Somewhere in that mix, in both imagery and style, I try to find a resonance that works for both of us.  The desired outcome is a one-of-a-kind piece of sculpture that is site specific.  If you have an interest in exploring the possibilities of this kind of application please .

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